Industry Update: Meeting with the Hon Blair Boyer, Minister for Education, Training and Skills in South Australia

On the 22nd of August, 2023, a momentous and pivotal event took place this month, marking a significant milestone for the South Australian Hair & Beauty Association (SAHBA) and its members, as we embarked on a critical discussion with government officials regarding industry standards and trade recognition.

This momentous meeting brought together Merrill Gratton and Marcela Lastra, representing SAHBA as our president cohort, with The Honourable Blair Boyer, Minister for Education, Training and Skills in South Australia and Luke French, Chief Executive Officer at The French Beauty Academy, igniting hope for the future of the Hair & Beauty industry.

The purpose of the meeting was clear:

  1. To address and raise awareness about the pressing challenges that the Hair & Beauty industry faces.
  2. These challenges, ranging from standards discrepancies to trade recognition disparities, have long been at the forefront of concerns within the community.

The gathering with The Honourable Blair Boyer was a proactive step towards initiating transformative change.

The outcome of this vital dialogue was one of optimism and renewed determination. The meeting provided SAHBA Presidents Merrill Gratton and Marcela Lastra with a renewed sense of confidence and direction, offering a glimpse into the potential strategies and actions that could shape the way forward.

A particularly encouraging aspect of this outcome is the establishment of a collaborative partnership with the Education Minister. This joint effort is set to pave the way for a comprehensive roadmap that addresses the intricacies of the industry’s challenges.

Recognising the immense value of our industry network, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Michelle Jensen, SAHBA Board Director and RTO Representative. Michelle played a pivotal role in orchestrating the initiation of this meeting.

Additionally, we extend our sincere appreciation to Luke French, Chief Executive Officer of French Beauty.  Luke’s contribution involved delivering substantiated insights that spanned the entirety of the Hair & Beauty sector. These insights comprised not only comprehensive industry statistics but also pertinent data specific to South Australia’s industry challenges with training, standards, and trade recognition.

The SAHBA community is committed to transparency and progress. As developments unfold, members and the wider community can expect to receive updates. The value of collective support cannot be overstated, as SAHBA continues to champion positive transformations within the Hair & Beauty industry.

In conclusion, yesterday’s meeting signifies a promising stride towards addressing industry challenges and fostering a more inclusive and dynamic landscape for Hair & Beauty professionals.

The collaborative spirit demonstrated by SAHBA, coupled with the engagement of government stakeholders, evokes a sense of anticipation for a revitalised industry that thrives on unity and innovation.

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