2022 Board Directors

Rose Bradshaw – Industry Body, Hair Industry

Deputy President– Tricia Hicks – Employer Body, Hair Industry

Board Directors
Ida Tirimacco – Employer Body, Hair Industry
Angela Zacharia – Employer Body, Hair Industry
Marcela Lastra – Employer Body, Hair Industry
Sharon Mercurio – Industry Body, Wholesale Industry
Sue Treloar – Industry Body, Hair Industry
Stacey Page – Student, Hair and Beauty Industry
Ranee Cornell-Size – Employer Body, Hair Industry
Merrill Gratton  – Professional Body, Beauty Industry
Michelle Jessen – RTO Body, Beauty Industry

Don DeSanctis – RTO Body, Hair Industry

Thank you to these Industry Professionals for volunteering their expertise and professional contribution to the Hair and Beauty Industry and forever making new changes and better pathways for current and future solutions.

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