The Hair and Beauty Industry Association of South Australia Incorporated – trading as SA Hair & Beauty Assoc. (SAHBA)

  • Advocate on behalf of members and partnership members to appropriate bodies, seeking address and redress on issues which impact on the quality and development of the hair and beauty industry in South Australia as a whole.
  • Promote networking and goodwill amongst SAHBA’s members and take steps to do all things necessary or desirable for the welfare of the hair and beauty professions.
  • Prevent and correct abuse in all matters in any way trending to damage or prejudicially interfere with the hair and beauty professions.
  • Raise funds and opportunities to support the objectives of SAHBA. This includes through memberships, levies or voluntary contributions from members and from organisations with an interest in SAHBA.
  • Have an understanding of the demands and conditions of labour pertaining to the hair and beauty professions and to do all things necessary or desirable to ensure that the conditions of labour and wages are fair and reasonable, having regard to all interests.
  • Strengthen the public image of the hair and beauty professions by the promotion of sounds ethics, standards, education, training and maintenance of highly skilled and professional client services.
  • Provide research and education service for its members in the management of business.
  • Educate, train, assess and issue formal accreditation to members or potential members of the hair and beauty professions (or their employees). This will improve standards in the professions and provide bench-marking to assist members of SAHBA in assessing employees and potential employees.
  • That all members abide by SAHBA’s Constitution and the Industry Code of Conduct. To do all such lawful things as may be incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them may be deemed necessary or expedient in the best interests of SAHBA.