Trade Recognition for the Hairdressing Industry in South Australia – Launching Soon!

SAHBA (the peak body for the hair and beauty industry in South Australia) is in the process of setting up the STAR (Skill Training Assessment & Recognition) process.

The STAR process is a government approved trade recognition arrangement that will allow people in South Australia (SA) working as hairdressers or barbers to comply with the South Australia Hairdressers Act 1988 (Act) which stipulates a hairdresser or barber in SA must be qualified or recognised as per the Act.

The STAR process is designed for:

• Hairdressing and barber workers who may not have the required qualification but have the skill and experience gained from many years working in the industry.
• Hairdressing and barber workers who did not complete an apprenticeship or other formal training but developed enough skills and knowledge through long term employment and experience in the industry.
• Hairdressing and barber workers who have gained overseas trade qualifications and experience.

Please note: It is illegal to work for fee or reward if you are not appropriately qualified and penalties of between $1,000.00 and $4,000.00 can apply to both the worker and the employer for breaching the Act.

SAHBA is now accepting applicants for the STAR Process.

If you fit with one of the above cohorts, you can now apply to the STAR for more information on how you may be recognised (become legal) or progress through further training and experience to become qualified as per the Act.

To apply to the STAR Process please email your contact details to attention STAR Process. Alternatively, you can call SAHBA on (08) 8271 1355.

SAHBA will then contact you and organise an information session on how you will go through the STAR process.