Hair & Beauty SA have been running competitions for 10 years. We aim to find the most innovative and original fashion trends leading into the new seasons for both hair and makeup. The competitions encourage Junior and Qualified Professionals to compete.

With our new identity (SAHBA – SA Hair & Beauty Assoc.) we proudly announce that the 2019 Hair and Beauty Competitions will be held on Sunday 25th August, at the Adelaide Convention Centre, in Halls J & K.

This years’ exciting theme is “Baroque”, a colourful era that was filled with extravagant design, ornate embellishments, opulence, exuberance and grandeur. Baroque is a fusion of style, fashion, hairstyling, makeup and encumbers all the arts from music, painting, floral design, sculpture, architecture and furniture. Through the centuries, Baroque has melded and reinvented itself in many forms and is still very visual today. Contestants have the opportunity to truly stretch their imaginations to attain their optimum creativity.

The scene and mood will be set with Baroque music, colourful floral displays and a main catwalk for the contestants to parade their stunning models. Spectators will be able to view the models and the intricate work more closely and express their appreciation in wild applause. Natural light will flood the halls and be complimented by an array of spot lighting.

All special moments will be captured by our videographer throughout the day. Our official photographer will take professional photos of the models in front of a Baroque themed photo wall. These will be available for purchase following the competitions.

An appetising selection of food and beverages will also be available in the main hall throughout the day and there is time and opportunity to mingle in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

If you would like to be a volunteer on the day, please contact us at Find more info on volunteering here.

If you’re a qualified hairdresser, barber or makeup artist and you’re interested in being a judge at the competitions, please email us at